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Family friendly Enterprise

PRIZMA Foundation is a holder of basic Family friendly Enterprise Certificate 

Operation Family friendly Enterprise Certificate is partly financed by European Union from European Social Fund.

In PRIZMA Foundation we are aware that satisfied and motivated employees are the driving force of successful work and development of the organisation. We believe that a successful career and family are compatible – for success in one field you don’t need to sacrifice the other. That is also the message of Family friendly Enterprise Certificate. .

Due to this belief PRIZMA Foundation has joined in the process of attaining Family friendly Enterprise Certificate in March 2012. The evaluation of current situation of the personnel was implemented and plan of implementation adopted with measures for improving management of work process and quality of working environment, with the purpose of better reconciliation of work and family life of the employees.  

Selection of measures was prepared and confirmed by project group of ten employees of both genders, different ages, in different workplaces and with different family status. We tried to create a working environment as optimal as possible, friendly to every employee, which would also follow values written in vision and mission of PRIZMA Foundation.


Based on successful selection of measures we’ve received basic Family friendly Enterprise Certificate on 12th of October 2012. We are obliged to implement the selected 13 measures for easier managing of work and personal life of the employees in three years and report on development until September 2015:

1. Children’s time bonus – Entry into school and induction into Kindergarten
2. Additional days of absence with substitution of wage because of extraordinary family reasons
3. Absence without substitution of wage because of extraordinary family reasons
4. Measures for health protection
5. Possibility of extraordinary work at home
6. Communicating with employees
7. Communicating with external public
8. Research among employees on managing work and family
9. Respect of social competences in selection and promotion of management personnel
10.Training of management personnel in the field of managing work and family
11. Evaluation of management personnel by subordinates
12. Reintegration after a long absence from work
13. Corporative volunteering