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kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Eim - Crčv

ECONOMIC INSTITUTE MARIBOR d.o.o., Human Resource Development Centre


Head quarter:
Razlagova ulica 22
2000 Maribor

T: +386 (0)2 333 13 33

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction of eim, Human Resource Development Centre

eim, Human Resource Development Centre (abbreviation is HRDC) is an expert institution for promotion of Human Resource Development on a regional/local level. The idea to establish HRDC in Podravje region came to life in the year 1997 by Employment Service of Slovenia - Local office in Maribor. Together with Ministry of labour, family and social affairs, we gained resources and technical help of Programme Phare to establish the model of Human Resource Development Fund (which was renamed on 1st of May 2006 into Human Resource Development Centre). Since January 1999, we function as an independent unit inside of Economic Institute Maribor.

By unifying finances on local/regional, national and international level we promote development and implementation of training programmes and other development projects in the field of Human resource development that importantly contribute to the development of the region. Beside that, we promote the increase of investments in human resource development by providing an easier approach to quality knowledge and qualifications, with programmes adapted to the needs of the companies, advising and providing expert help to companies in planning human resource development and in preparation of applications for tenders that are meant for drawing resources for the mentioned field.