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kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Intergenerational cooperation

Are you aware of the dimension of ageing in the field of labour?

Ageing of population is significantly changing the proportion in generational structure of companies, but only few employers in Slovenia respond to that.

Indisputable facts are the following:Medgeneracijsko

  • Number of older people is increasing (i.e. long living societies)
  • Fertility is too low
  • Decrease of mortality or longer life expectancy
  • Complicated integration of young people into workforce
  • Fast exclusion of middle and third generation from labour market

Even though Slovenia is employing only some ten percent of people older than 55 years at the moment, the figures indicate that by the year 2050 the average age of employees will be over 50 years. Yet, it is not just the older age of the employees we refer to as a changing factor. Due to demographic changes companies will increasingly feel the lack of younger workforce.

What can be done?

The challenges for employers are in the new ways of merging potentials of all generations. Differences between generations are big because of different values, because of the ways of working and cooperating and because of people’s expectations. It is crucial that enterprises find common points of cooperation among employees, similarities among generations on which they can build mutual relations.

The solution lies in combining wisdom and innovativeness of employees, in the development of new forms of solidarity, mutual support, learning and transfer of knowledge and experience among generations in enterprises.

Projects that we implement in this field:

SC logo-100H

SENIOR CAPITAL - Development of human capital of older generations to increase their economic and social value in knowledge based competitive economy

bassa colorRGB

CE AGEING PLATFORM - Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society in order to decrease negative impacts of demographic changes in the Middle Europe

 Age in Tandem-Logotipi
AGE IN TANDEM - Helping older workers to keep their working places, promoting their anew entry to labour market or change in their work career and offering support in employment procedure