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Social entrepreneurship


To promote “high competitiveness of social market economy” the EU Commission set social economy and social innovation in the centre of its efforts in the context of Strategy 2020. Social enterprises contribute to smart growth because with their social innovations they respond to local needs and with their long-term orientation generate sustainable and inclusive growth and positive impact on the environment and people, they solve a wide range of social and environmental issues and operate in all aspects of the economy. Social entrepreneurship can contribute significantly to the development of new products and services in the public interest, development of entrepreneurship on the principles of social responsibility, rural development, balanced regional development and the training and employment of vulnerable groups on the labour market.  

Although Slovenia has a rich history of civil society organizations, lags behind in development of social entrepreneurship to other European countries, where social entrepreneurship generates about 10% of GDP and provides the same share of employment. It is therefore necessary to establish a stimulating and supportive environment and favourable conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship.

Measurement of Social Impact of Social enterprises is still vague in Slovenia. For a better understanding of the subject, here are some recommended approaches to measuring Social Impacts:

- Proposed Approaches to Social Impact Measurement in European Commission legislation and in practice relating to: EuSEFs and the EaSI >>>>>
- A guide to Social Return on Investment >>>>>


Social Entrepreneurship Brochure – CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITY

What do we offer?SocPodj1

  • We establish a stimulating and supportive environment
  • We transferring good practices from Europe     
  • We train holders of Social Entrepreneurial initiatives and representatives of supportive environment
  • We help in development and establishment of Social Entrepreneurial Initiatives
  • We participate in Slovene Forum of Social Entrepreneurship - http://fsp.si/


COOP logo-bannerProjekt COOP - Cooperation between public institutions, society responsible profit enterprises and social enterprises for a higher competitiveness in local environments

Employment and labour market

With flexibility to an increased work activity in the labour market

We live in time marked by many changes, at the same time we are facing with high unemployment. In the labour market, we have witnessed a significant mismatch, which is reflected in the type and complexity of work on the one hand, and the available knowledge and skills on the other.

It is crucial to promote all kinds of flexible employment, development of measures and employment programmes, which are related to the needs and capacities of the economy, because labour market is becoming a crucial element of effective economic development. We would like to expose the concept of flexicurity (social) security, which provides the flexibility of the labour market and at the same time safety of individuals is not compromised.

We contribute to the mosaic of flexible labour market following stones:


•    We stimulate employment and lifelong career orientation of an individual;
•    We strengthen innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity for (self)employment;
•    We look for opportunities in local environment to create new workplaces;
•    We influence to reduce structural unemployment and stimulate quality of workplaces (mentoring scheme, job rotation, …) and also flexible forms of employment;
• We promote lifelong learning for new knowledge and skills;   
• We stimulate social inclusion of population.


Projects, which are implemented within this scope:


EFFECT - Matching Skills To Support Career Development 





SILVER CITY - Project for active aging





 EXPAK AT.SI - Austrian-Slovene expert academyEXPAK AT-SI Logo Horizontal

Learning – competence development



Nowadays learning is an essential component of life – no one can live without it, as you can’t cook a good soup without vegetables. Knowledge becomes out-of-date in a few years. Therefore it has to be constantly renewed and upgraded.

Lifelong learning gives people the ability to work and a better quality of integration into modern society. It is also important for economic growth and competitiveness as well as for increasing of welfare for population in the region.

And if we spice this “soup” with practical experience, skills, personality and behavioural characteristics, beliefs, motives and values, the result is competence. Competence is all about using knowledge in practice. Furthermore it is the ability of an individual to activate, use and connect acquired knowledge in complex and unpredictable situations.  


VZU1And what do we have to do with this?

We are the cooks who develop and implement training programmes that enable you to gain knowledge and skills which contribute to building of competence required due to constant changes in the labour market. In that way we want to improve the ability of an individual to work and live in a knowledge based society.

CVZU logo-banner

CVŽU Zgornje Podravske regije - Centre of Lifelong Learning of Upper Podravje region

Project E-bel logo

e-BEL - Project of learning e-commerce to women


Regional development

With our operation, we strive to reduce the development gap of Podravje region in comparison with Slovenian and European average and developmental differences within the region. We strive to connect regional developmental actors to work together, develop and improve competence of key actors to absorb developmental funds.

We promote the development of homogeneous and dynamic community, and participate in providing support to a greater activation of local developmental initiatives and development of consensus at the regional level. We support and cooperate in joint planning and implementation of development strategies, programmes and projects where investment in human resource development and workplaces are directed toward raising general competitiveness of the region, its visibility and promotion of active integration of regions and regional centres of neighbouring countries and beyond.

In collaboration with partners, we implement activities to strengthen the capacity of the preparation of development projects, applying for domestic and European development funds and the efficient managing of approved projects. We concentrate on the promotion of activities to enhance the operation and further development of NGO sector, especially in light of the development of social entrepreneurial initiatives, since that sector enables numerous opportunities for development and carries the unfulfilled potentials.


transformacija i razvoj

By participating in regional bodies and committees, we strive to establish project partnershipsand prepare joint projects for realization of regional developmental priorities. Inclusion in the working groups and other forms of cooperation with ministries and other organisations and initiatives with the purpose to adjust measures and programmes related to human resource development, employment and development of social entrepreneurship needs of local/regional environments.  

Family friendly Enterprise

PRIZMA Foundation is a holder of basic Family friendly Enterprise Certificate 

Operation Family friendly Enterprise Certificate is partly financed by European Union from European Social Fund.

In PRIZMA Foundation we are aware that satisfied and motivated employees are the driving force of successful work and development of the organisation. We believe that a successful career and family are compatible – for success in one field you don’t need to sacrifice the other. That is also the message of Family friendly Enterprise Certificate. .

Due to this belief PRIZMA Foundation has joined in the process of attaining Family friendly Enterprise Certificate in March 2012. The evaluation of current situation of the personnel was implemented and plan of implementation adopted with measures for improving management of work process and quality of working environment, with the purpose of better reconciliation of work and family life of the employees.  

Selection of measures was prepared and confirmed by project group of ten employees of both genders, different ages, in different workplaces and with different family status. We tried to create a working environment as optimal as possible, friendly to every employee, which would also follow values written in vision and mission of PRIZMA Foundation.


Based on successful selection of measures we’ve received basic Family friendly Enterprise Certificate on 12th of October 2012. We are obliged to implement the selected 13 measures for easier managing of work and personal life of the employees in three years and report on development until September 2015:

1. Children’s time bonus – Entry into school and induction into Kindergarten
2. Additional days of absence with substitution of wage because of extraordinary family reasons
3. Absence without substitution of wage because of extraordinary family reasons
4. Measures for health protection
5. Possibility of extraordinary work at home
6. Communicating with employees
7. Communicating with external public
8. Research among employees on managing work and family
9. Respect of social competences in selection and promotion of management personnel
10.Training of management personnel in the field of managing work and family
11. Evaluation of management personnel by subordinates
12. Reintegration after a long absence from work
13. Corporative volunteering