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Pridobivanje temeljnih in poklicnih
kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Human resource development for companies

 Excellence of company lies in human resource development!

Are you interested in solving challenges in your business, to be more productive and to innovate products more successfully?

Successful companies discovered that the answer is hiding in investment and development of their employees. Trained and motivated company’s employees with their capabilities, abilities, knowledge and creativity are essentially contributing to business excellence of the company. In Slovenia there is relatively low awareness of secret reserves, interests and potentials of employees.


How do we help?


Our team of experts guarantee you quality services of lifelong career orientation adapted to company’s needs and needs of employees, where we provide more effective and innovative personnel solutions.

We offer training programmes in the field of:
- motivation and
- personal and career development of the employees

Some activities you can join for free, for other there is the possibility of acquiring co-financing.

Support with tenders

Based on your needs we help with applications for tenders where we prepare project documentation together with you and take care that it is submitted correctly and in time.

Numerous successfully ended international and national projects testify about expertise of our work, as well as certificates Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate and international standard Investor in people obtained.

Advising and testing to employ personnel suited for the employer

Are you deciding to select the right co-worker for your successful team?

We advise and help you in selecting the suitable candidate.

The advantage of our services is that they are adapted to the needs of enterprises and their employees.

Projects we implement in this field:

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 Lifelong career orientation