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Nadgrajena spletna stran projekta
Pridobivanje temeljnih in poklicnih
kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Regional development

With our operation, we strive to reduce the development gap of Podravje region in comparison with Slovenian and European average and developmental differences within the region. We strive to connect regional developmental actors to work together, develop and improve competence of key actors to absorb developmental funds.

We promote the development of homogeneous and dynamic community, and participate in providing support to a greater activation of local developmental initiatives and development of consensus at the regional level. We support and cooperate in joint planning and implementation of development strategies, programmes and projects where investment in human resource development and workplaces are directed toward raising general competitiveness of the region, its visibility and promotion of active integration of regions and regional centres of neighbouring countries and beyond.

In collaboration with partners, we implement activities to strengthen the capacity of the preparation of development projects, applying for domestic and European development funds and the efficient managing of approved projects. We concentrate on the promotion of activities to enhance the operation and further development of NGO sector, especially in light of the development of social entrepreneurial initiatives, since that sector enables numerous opportunities for development and carries the unfulfilled potentials.


transformacija i razvoj

By participating in regional bodies and committees, we strive to establish project partnershipsand prepare joint projects for realization of regional developmental priorities. Inclusion in the working groups and other forms of cooperation with ministries and other organisations and initiatives with the purpose to adjust measures and programmes related to human resource development, employment and development of social entrepreneurship needs of local/regional environments.