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Nadgrajena spletna stran projekta
Pridobivanje temeljnih in poklicnih
kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Learning – competence development



Nowadays learning is an essential component of life – no one can live without it, as you can’t cook a good soup without vegetables. Knowledge becomes out-of-date in a few years. Therefore it has to be constantly renewed and upgraded.

Lifelong learning gives people the ability to work and a better quality of integration into modern society. It is also important for economic growth and competitiveness as well as for increasing of welfare for population in the region.

And if we spice this “soup” with practical experience, skills, personality and behavioural characteristics, beliefs, motives and values, the result is competence. Competence is all about using knowledge in practice. Furthermore it is the ability of an individual to activate, use and connect acquired knowledge in complex and unpredictable situations.  


VZU1And what do we have to do with this?

We are the cooks who develop and implement training programmes that enable you to gain knowledge and skills which contribute to building of competence required due to constant changes in the labour market. In that way we want to improve the ability of an individual to work and live in a knowledge based society.

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CVŽU Zgornje Podravske regije - Centre of Lifelong Learning of Upper Podravje region

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e-BEL - Project of learning e-commerce to women