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kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Employment and labour market

With flexibility to an increased work activity in the labour market

We live in time marked by many changes, at the same time we are facing with high unemployment. In the labour market, we have witnessed a significant mismatch, which is reflected in the type and complexity of work on the one hand, and the available knowledge and skills on the other.

It is crucial to promote all kinds of flexible employment, development of measures and employment programmes, which are related to the needs and capacities of the economy, because labour market is becoming a crucial element of effective economic development. We would like to expose the concept of flexicurity (social) security, which provides the flexibility of the labour market and at the same time safety of individuals is not compromised.

We contribute to the mosaic of flexible labour market following stones:


•    We stimulate employment and lifelong career orientation of an individual;
•    We strengthen innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity for (self)employment;
•    We look for opportunities in local environment to create new workplaces;
•    We influence to reduce structural unemployment and stimulate quality of workplaces (mentoring scheme, job rotation, …) and also flexible forms of employment;
• We promote lifelong learning for new knowledge and skills;   
• We stimulate social inclusion of population.


Projects, which are implemented within this scope:


EFFECT - Matching Skills To Support Career Development 





SILVER CITY - Project for active aging





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