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kompetenc 2018 - 2022

Social entrepreneurship


To promote “high competitiveness of social market economy” the EU Commission set social economy and social innovation in the centre of its efforts in the context of Strategy 2020. Social enterprises contribute to smart growth because with their social innovations they respond to local needs and with their long-term orientation generate sustainable and inclusive growth and positive impact on the environment and people, they solve a wide range of social and environmental issues and operate in all aspects of the economy. Social entrepreneurship can contribute significantly to the development of new products and services in the public interest, development of entrepreneurship on the principles of social responsibility, rural development, balanced regional development and the training and employment of vulnerable groups on the labour market.  

Although Slovenia has a rich history of civil society organizations, lags behind in development of social entrepreneurship to other European countries, where social entrepreneurship generates about 10% of GDP and provides the same share of employment. It is therefore necessary to establish a stimulating and supportive environment and favourable conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship.

Measurement of Social Impact of Social enterprises is still vague in Slovenia. For a better understanding of the subject, here are some recommended approaches to measuring Social Impacts:

- Proposed Approaches to Social Impact Measurement in European Commission legislation and in practice relating to: EuSEFs and the EaSI >>>>>
- A guide to Social Return on Investment >>>>>


Social Entrepreneurship Brochure – CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITY

What do we offer?SocPodj1

  • We establish a stimulating and supportive environment
  • We transferring good practices from Europe     
  • We train holders of Social Entrepreneurial initiatives and representatives of supportive environment
  • We help in development and establishment of Social Entrepreneurial Initiatives
  • We participate in Slovene Forum of Social Entrepreneurship - http://fsp.si/


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